Proven Recruitment Process


Hiring Ad Strategy

We create hiring ad campaigns that highlight your company and promote your top benefits, making your available openings stand out to job seekers. We manage these ads to get them in front of the right audiences to ensure you get the best pool of applicants possible  - and ultimately your choice of candidate.


Candidate Screening

We screen all candidates including a review of resumes, social media, and references to identify the candidates who are the best fit for your company and role. This saves you hours of time on tedious work and ensures top talent gets moved to the interview process while unsuitable applicants get weeded out.


Interview Process

Everyone wants to look and sound good in an interview, which makes it hard to determine who will really be the right fit. Luckily, we have surveyed, researched, and executed the perfect interviewing methods, questions, and tests to weed out the “pretenders” so you only get talent who will believe in your company and benefit your team.

Why Shop Owners Should Always Be Recruiting
HR Packages
How Much Time Does It Take To Hire The Right Employee
What Is It Costing You By Not Having The Right Staff


The Beginner


3 months of hiring ads including management of ads, budget, and keywords, renewing ads, and forwarding of candidates

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The Starter Package


3 months of hiring ad and keyword management , plus delivery of screened, qualified candidates, social media screening, and basic phone interviews

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The Works


3 months of hiring ad  management, staffing solutions, testing and skills, video interviews, scheduling in-person interviews, interview training, and more

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Other HR Services

Additional HR services and custom projects including staff and workflow evaluations are available upon request. Please contact us for pricing and additional information

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